5 Ways to Recapture Your Creativity

//5 Ways to Recapture Your Creativity

Have you lost it?

I’m not talking about your sanity, though that may have left the building as soon as your last Christmas production ended.

I’m not talking about your focus either. Like the ocean, focus ebbs and flows. Some days you’re on—other days not so much.

I’m talking about your passion.

Passion isn’t happiness. It’s not some fleeting feeling fueled by a temporary high. Passion is a deep inner drive to keep doing what you’re doing because you fully believe that what you do matters. (And it does!)

For reasons that are beyond the scope of this post to examine, working in the church can sometimes kill your passion. (Especially after the 267th time the lead vocalist asks you to turn up her monitor.)

And when you lose your passion, you’re going to experience a notable decrease in your creativity. This is when you start creating for a paycheck rather than for a purpose.

So how can you rediscover the passion you had when you first began work as a church creative? How can you recapture your creativity?

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